Rachel Vernon

Rachel has worked in the private sector for 5 years alongside working for the Sheffield Teaching Hospital as a Specialist Podiatrist in high risk diabetes and nail surgery full time .Rachel graduated from University of Salford with BSc in Podiatry (1st class honours) in 2016. She also graduated from Huddersfield University with MSc in Forensic Podiatry (Distinction) in 2020. She is able to request X-Rays and provide limited prescription only medicines. Rachels diabetes experience includes assessment and management of diabetic foot wounds, vascular assessments and implementing and offloading strategies for wound healing. Rachel has a special interest in sports rehabilitation mainly involving running injuries and also has a wide range of knowledge of footwear and able to provide specialist knowledge on healthy and appropriate footwear choice.

She has also published two articles

https:meridian.allenpress.com/japma/article-abstract/110/2/Article_9/436390/The-Application-of-Forensic-Podiatry-to-Clinical?redirectedForm=fulltext https://www.researchgate.net/publication/286934263_Confidentiality_and_Patient_Autonomy_in_a_Healthcare_Framework

Rachel is a keen ultra runner and fitness fanatic