Sharron Bielby

Sharron Bielby has worked in both the NHS and Private sector for 20 years, from which she has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of foot health.   She has worked in the MSK sector of the profession, and in routine podiatry . She has extensive knowledge in all aspects of foot pathology and foot health promotion.    She currently works as a NHS specialist Podiatrist one day a week in a busy NHS nail surgery unit.  Her previous NHS role was part of a foot surgical team.  This involved the assessment, diagnosis and surgical planning for the correction of foot deformity and associated foot pain.   Sharron is able to interpret and request X-rays and administer regional ankle anaesthesia. This specialist role enables her to have a mass of foot surgery knowledge, such as the benefits and risks of specific surgical procedures, non- surgical options and links with local surgeons.

If you have foot pain then Sharron is a great podiatrist to see as she is able to assess , diagnose and provide treatment plans which may include simple insoles, Bespoke orthoses, stretching and strapping and steroid injections

She is able to carry out diabetic foot screening and vascular checks  using a doppler which provides a wave form reading along side an audible sound which aids detection of arterial blockages, Atrial Fibrillation and calcification of the vessels.

Sharron also has a special interest in dermatology and is able to recognise and skin pathologies.